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Our Terms & Conditions
Please review the following Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to amend these conditions at any time and without prior notification. We therefore suggest that you review these terms any time you use this site. Use of the website constitutes an agreement to the terms and conditions set forth below.

Purchasing Our Products
We reserve the right to reject any order placed on our website. At our discretion, we may restrict the quantities of certain items that may be purchased per person, household, or order. We may place these limitations based on customer account ID, credit card number, or shipping address. We may cancel an order that, in our opinion, appears to be placed by a distributor. Should we cancel your order or make any changes to it, we will attempt to inform you via email.

Website Changes
We reserve the sole right to:
  • Update, suspend, or remove the website, or any product, data, or function provided by the site, with or without prior warning;
  • Include fees for site use, or change or remove any current fees for using our site;
  • And provide special options to a select portion of site users.
By using this site, you agree that we cannot be held responsible for any changes to the site, or the services, content, features, or products provided therein.

Site Content and Copyright
Unless otherwise listed, the site and all its content—text, images, logos, etc—are sole property of our company. The contents on this site are intended for your personal, non-commercial use. You may download or copy content and other elements from the site only for your personal use. You retain no rights to the content upon downloading or copying it from the site.

The site and all its content are designed for promotion of our products, and are controlled solely by our company.

Comments and Feedback

We welcome any feedback from our customers regarding your experience with us. Should you choose to submit any comments to us, you agree that the information becomes our property and give us permission to change, publish, translate, or copy the content at any time and without limitation. We are not required to:

  1. Keep comments confidential;
  2. Remunerate for comments; or
  3. Reply to submitted comments.

We reserve the right but retain no responsibility to review, edit, or delete comments.
By your use of this site, you agree that your comments will not contain any offensive or inappropriate material, transmit a virus or other malicious software that may affect the website, or infringe upon the rights of a third party. You agree to not use a false e-mail address, impersonate another entity, or otherwise engage in any deception through your comments. You are held responsible for your comments and their veracity. We retain no responsibility for any comments placed on our site.

Privacy Policy

By entering personal data into this website, you agree to the terms listed within our Privacy Policy. By reference, this agreement includes the conditions listed in the Privacy Policy of this website.

Product Availability and Returns

Our products are available for purchase exclusively through this site. Items may only be available in restricted quantities. Return or replacement of any product may only be done through this site, and in accordance with our Return Policy.

Website Errors

There may occasionally be errors on this site pertaining to product data, prices, special offers, and product availability. We retain the right to make corrections, remove errors, or change information and orders if any information is found to be inaccurate. This may be done at any time (including after submission of an order) and without warning.

Product Colors
We make every effort to accurately portray the colors of our products. However, we cannot guarantee that the settings and resolution on your monitor will show any of our product colors accurately.

Third-Party Links
Our site may contain links to third-party sites and services that are not administered by our company. Our Terms and Conditions do not cover the sites we link to, and we do not retain any responsibility for the content of these sites, or any consequences that may come as a result of clicking the links to these websites. Our links to third-party sites does not constitute an approval of these sites, and are provided only for the convenience of our customers.

Dispute Settlement Agreement
By use of this site, you agree that we shall not be held responsible for any damages, costs, claims, or fees arising from use of this site.
You also agree that, should any dispute arise from your use of this site, both parties will make a good-faith attempt to settle the dispute prior to pursuing any legal recourse. This shall include informing the other party of the dispute, and allowing the receiving party 30 days to submit a response or settlement to the complaint.

Termination of Terms

These terms and conditions shall remain in effect until you discontinue use of our website, which you may do at any time. We retain the right to cancel these terms and conditions at any time and without prior warning; in accordance with this, we may deny you access to the website if, in our opinion, you fail to adhere to the terms and conditions listed above.