Privacy Policy

At Pure Attractions, we have the utmost respect for our customers’ right to privacy. In the interest of protecting this privacy, we would like to give you more information regarding our site’s cookies, how they’re used, and how we strive to guard your information.

About Cookies
Our website uses cookies to collect data from our customers and provide several functions on our site, including the following:

  • Safe access to account features like viewing orders, reviewing account information, and making purchases.
  • Storing items in your cart while you are shopping on our site.
  • Monitoring your browsing and purchase history.
  • Distributing visitors across our website to minimize delays and bandwidth issues.
  • Providing a great user experience on our site.

Our cookies do not collect or store any personal, identifying information like birthdates or financial information. Because the data is not sensitive information, and all of it remains classified, cookies are perfectly safe to use. To learn more about cookies, you can visit

Please note that use of constitutes an agreement to use the cookies the website contains.

Should You Disable Cookies?
Though it is possible to disable cookies through your internet browser’s settings, we do not recommend doing so. If you disable cookies, your experience with our website will be extremely limited. Many features—including the ability to purchase our products—will no longer function. Our site uses cookies to give our customers a great experience, so we strongly advise everyone using our site to enable cookies on their browser.

If you would like to learn how to enable and disable cookies, simply search your browser’s “Help” section. You can also set your browser to alert you when cookies are in use.

Advertisers’ Cookies
Our site may also contain cookies from third-party advertisers. These cookies filter the advertisements you see while using our site, and are used for the purposes of promoting certain products. Advertiser cookies are just as safe as our own cookies, and do not collect or store any personal or sensitive information. However, we cannot claim any responsibility for these third-party cookies and the data they collect, or for the advertisers’ company policies.

Protecting Your Information
All data transmitted over the internet may be subject to hacking or other forms of cybercrime. However, we employ every means available to us to protect the information you provide to us through our website. We use high-level encryption on the data you enter into our site to help protect this information.

Protecting Your Privacy
The information contained in this guide is provided to inform you of how we gather information through our site, why it is father, who accesses this information, and what your personal rights are regarding your privacy. This website and our company’s policies are in compliance with the Data Protection Act of 1998. You may brows our site without sharing any personal data; however, some personal information must be provided in order to make a purchase or create an account on our site.

How We Collect Information
We collect information from our customers either through a third party or when you enter personal information to make a purchase or create an account. Upon account registration, you must provide us with certain information, which may be used in the following ways:

  • Processing your order
  • Giving you updates on your order status
  • Assessing your account
  • Confirming your identity
  • Providing account services
  • Maintaining the website
  • Evaluating your site use so that we can improve the website’s layout and design
  • Sharing information with you regarding site changes, service updates, and promotions

If given permission to send you advertisements and other promotional content, we will do so according to the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations of 2003 and the Direct Marketing Association Code of Practice.

Sharing Your Data

We may occasionally share your information with certain third parties, including credit agencies and any partners we use to fulfill your online order. We may combine your data with information from other companies, which will be used to improve your overall online experience.
We may also make portions of our customer list accessible to other companies we partner with. If you do not wish for this to happen, or you do not wish to receive copies of our catalog, you may contact the customer service department for assistance.

Contact with Customers
At Pure Attractions, we want to make sure our customers receive the latest information regarding site enhancements, brand-new products, and our special offers and promotions. If you do not want to receive this contact from us, please call a customer service representative. Once your request is processed, promotional contact will cease; please note this may take a few days.

Any communication between you and our company may be recorded and/or monitored for quality control and training purposes.

Policy Updates
We will publish any changes to our Privacy Policy on this website. This may be done at any time, and the changes go into effect immediately after publication. We encourage you to review the Privacy Policy periodically so that you are aware of any changes. Continuing to use our website signifies an agreement to adhere to the Privacy Policy as published on the site.